Tuesday, September 25, 2007

coming soon!

...yup, so i'm off the shoot...writing from london. didn't ever get the time nor access to internet to write n post more...besides being frightfully expensive. but i'll soon be back n catch up with tons to tell n pics to share.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

flying right past fnland!

..hi from stockholm...spent 5days in finland but baath kuch bani nahin. besides blondes do nothing for me ;)

awesome light esp at evenings...magic hours goes on forever!...ate reindeer meat which was suprisingly tasty n not chewy...drank the local brew kossu which is lighter than vodka...climbed up the tower at the olympic stadium in helsinki...went on a lovely boat cruise around the islands...had some great street side food, local snack, pastries n coffee...

of course, i'm makin it sound like it's been a dream...but the shoot's long n tiring n chaotic with almost no production support which is taking a toll on each of us. we got in this morn after a nice long 9hr ferry from turku...it is dark n cold n wet here in the land of my god - bergman n sven dada!...so much more...borg, nobel, abba...n to think they ruled over finland for 650 yrs!!

more when i get some more time...

Sunday, September 02, 2007


left me speechless!...

istanbul photo post

view from our room in istanbul: shezade jadessi

the turks largely happy to have you, very friendly, the oldies break out into raj kapoor's "dil hai hindustani". the young un's can't get enough of SRK!

o the beautiful bosphorous! running north-south marking the point asia ends n europe begins

the hagia sophia built as a church n then a mosque now with the most exquisite mix of early christian n muslim art