Wednesday, January 31, 2007

10 reasons why i prefer srk to the old man

1. You CAN talk to srk!

2. I don't have to take light readings one foot over my head!!

3. He gave me a big bear hug at the launch!

4. He's made the game a lot more fun.

5. He shakes hands with the cameramen after the shoot.

6. He gives away tag heur watches n i want one!

7. He's jamia's most famous drop-out!

8. more when i think of more ;)


we've gotten used to tv news as entertainment and entertainment as news...but an ad-film parading as a full-length feature film?? at 12crore, guru has just got to be the most expensive and unabashed ad-film to be made...ever! money ratnam sir has finally sold out...making me both, sad n many years ago chomsky wrote about "manufacturing consent" even tried getting some big docu filmmaker friends to pitch for a film on why sez's are a good thing!!

abhishek's shameless defense of unfair industry practices as the climax made me ill ...but then we were just about 13-15 people in the audience at the start of the second week! made me wonder how come the gujju-bhais hadn't lapped up the film. but, mithunda was a revelation...quietly commanding our attention. and i believe a lot of madhavan's scenes with abhishek were cut out only coz he appeared much stronger!!

...and with reliance buying adlabs and adlabs buying synergy, the juggernaut's only getting bigger n closer to over-running the country. however much i may hate monopolies, i remind myself that for the most part of my television life, my cheques have been coming in from murdoch n now from ambani!! no runing away from that hole big enough to hide...there i stand head in hand...

Monday, January 22, 2007

a happy new year indeed!

...i've been meaning to write ever since the last sun went down on 2006...damn! it is almost the end of jan already!! and here's wishing you all good things this new year. i couldn't have asked for a better start to the year - am lighting both - kbc and koffee, and between shahrukh n karan, going all crosseyed and hugely sleep-deprived. but it's been fun...all the pressure n the attention these two shows get. kbc back with the same set but big demands for "something new", besides of course, srk. more about that later.

koffee was a lot more fulfilling with a new set. have really enjoyed lighting sharmista roy's sets. so correctly proportioned and an understated chic look. needles to say this has consumed all of me until last evening. running from one set (in film city) to the other in yashraj (andheri) tho' wasn't so much fun. crawling amidst honking n fumes for a full hour n fifteen minutes over a mere 12kms or so!! exasperating...annoying...tiring...infuriating... how i missed my bicycle!!

watched that last '06 sun go down with so much relief...a hard year it was, esp the end... made worse by the absolutely horrific noida maniac - children abused, killed, bodies mutilated n thrown down a gutter...over months...while the poor parents only got barked at by the police...and the sickening tv coverage n the usual political "passing the parcel"...

scary...while partying on new year's eve at mukul's i didn't want to think....just wanted to high, danced with no one in particular and left without saying bye! :)

but i still miss my bro-in-law a lot...mad man...fat man! cheers to you and to the final settlement of the chembur family property matter. "When HE closes one door, HE always opens a window, at least"...or so it is win some, you lose some...but why do we have to lose at so broken to have lost his sister...

and some good news from delhi...c!'s mum is recovering slowly from her angioplasty and fracture. while her dad hasn't been too impressesd with his new "digital" hearing aid. i hope i can make it back to delhi before it hots up again, to spend some more time with them.

hope to be more regular with my postings too...this jan-end will be a year since i begun this blog! wishing you all lots of happiness n peace ...looks like i'll have to end this with amen!! ;)