Wednesday, May 28, 2008

here today there tomorrow!

what a month it has weekend in delhi, the next in amba with the family, following weekend in goa...phew!...and if that wasn't enough, the guys at paanchvi pass decided to shoot the grand finale tomorrow, so i flew in back to bombay n fly back day after...dimaag ka toh poora dahi :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

the noronha clan @ amba ghat

the don looks on
the noro clan on the edge ;)
into the valley of death walked the six hundred!
paavan khind - 12km away from the area rich with maratha history...panhalal n vishaalgadh it was that auranzeb's troops were ambushed by a handful of bajirao's men...chatrapati shivaji maharaj ki jai!
sunil - the charming resort owner, energetic story-teller, excellent driver n cook...all rolled into one!
the deccan plateau rises over the western ghats

the cheera collection

cheera or cheerai are these laterite blocks used for construction in the konkan region...nice backdrop they make huh?! that's gaurav-mynephew, karen-my niece, lina-my sis in law :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

here we go again!

so the noronhas are off again!...this time to amba...bang in between ratnagiri n kohlapur nestled in the western ghats/deccan plateau. this annual family picnic thing which my mum does is getting to be quite a hit with the family!...anil helped design a resort there - hornbill, n we're all looking forward to a weekend of togetherness n rest n birds n of course the occasional rum n cola!...cheers!...will post pics when i'm back.

there's a lot we're celebrating - lina n jim's birthday, anillinababa shifting to chembur, anil's exciting new job...n mum's bday in advance ;)

bbye bd12f pic post

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Sitting there slightly bent at his usual place at the table, he stares deep into the mosaic floor. These things are all transient, he says to me without looking up…after rattling off some figure in crores. His memory hazy… he recalls with so much pride the flat he bought way back in the early 70’s. After a full life, he now contemplates losing the last one big thing that was his…that had HIS name!

The world’s a blur around him now as his family whizzes in n out anxiously salvaging all that remains – memories, fragments, furniture, heritage, photographs, sarees, more memories. I don’t pick up anything…nothing here in mine…instead, I pick up moments…fractions really. Faces... in extreme close up…eyes, fingers, an outstretched hand…dust, light, shadow…over a hundred in one day! I surprise myself.

A smile breaks through…eyes moisten…laughter bounces off the bare walls…i move from room to room, face to face…the fragile soul slowly revealing…diving deeper. An email from afar ruptures the cracks, the floodgates burst open… I still don’t have the nerve “to make the final cut”!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

my second summer workshop in goa

SummerTime - The Second Summer Workshop
in association with Red Earth Pottery, Verna
27th to 31st May 2008 9.00am to 1.00pm

A 5 day multi-media workshop introducing adults and children to the exciting world of digital video, photography, music, theatre and art. We will learn exciting new ways to express ourselves and learn about the environment around us.

The theme of this year’s workshop is “Summer”. What does the “Summer” mean to us? What are the memories, the textures and stories it evokes. Using various media, we will explore and deepen our own understanding of how it affects us. Participants will be encouraged to write, draw, paint, use clay and drama to express their ideas. In doing so, they will also learn the basics of creative writing, story telling, digital photography, film making and theatre.

The Workshop will be conducted by Valentino Gaspar and Ajay Noronha at the Red Earth Pottery Studio. It is tucked in a quiet verdant corner of Voddlem Bhath at Verna, 2km away from the old Panaji-Margao highway.

Valentino Gaspar – is a ceramic and terracotta artist who runs the rustic Red Earth Pottery Studio. He is an accomplished stain-glass restorer and theatre director.

Ajay Noronha – is a film-maker, cameraperson who divides his time between big television game shows, documentary film and teaching.

Course fees: Rs 1000 inclusive of consumables like paint, clay, video tape, etc. Please carry your own compass box, brushes and camera (if you have one).

Registration open! Hurry, limited seats only.
Email: or
Call: Tino (0832) 6555862 or Ajay 09820291396