Thursday, December 28, 2006


did you see that??...a neatly carved out huuuuge chunk of forested hills very close to where we live...shocked, numbed...further east is vihar n tulsi lakes...and that damn goregaon-mulund link road is all set to hasten this blitzkrieg. hey rohan, you got to get some of your foot soldiers here to investigate!, on tv news i heard that france is sending up a rocket to find another earth...we're gonna be needing it sooner than later!

christmas - it just wasn't the same always the last minute rush to clean house, buy gifts, cook, etc...missed midnight mass but made it in time for lunch at mum's. my sister n kids came home the day before. even at mum's we all felt it, but never spoke about it...on the rick back home after lunch, baba suddenly declares, " i really missed anil uncle today"...

i could imagine my sister going "ptchtch", as she lets out a sigh more eloquent than words. there he sat by the irani table by the door, carefully making our drinks...cheers, anil!...and a very merry christmas. and to you all! come home quick, before the sweets get over!!


now, if ever there was a double whammy, this is IT!...never in my wildest, i had ever imagined it - i'm gonna be spending the next 3-4months with srk n karan and karan n srk ;)

yes, am doing em both!! kbc AND help me god! until now, i had studiously avoided taking up more than one show at a time...just hate this "clash" thing, didn't have the patience nor the aptitude for it. koffee's gonna be back with an all new set, tho' i'm gonna miss the previous set a lot - the best designed and most correctly proportioned set i've ever lit. but am looking foward to working at yashraj studios, with their fancy new lighting grid.

after a four month drought, it sure is pouring!...had to decline two big docu shoots - one for bbc n the other for discovery. and, i cannot go to nairobi to shoot at so pissed off, but keeping a tight lid on it. it's back to work boys!... lights!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

what would you like to "see" new on kbc?

so, it is official - i am doing kbc3! yes, with ssssharukh. i was as suprised as anyone else to hear that they (star) are planning yet another round. such desperation! but then, i found myself getting excited about it being srk. i mean, he IS the don thesedays. so am thinking of how to make the show look very edgy. o for those of you who don't know, i'm DP on the show n so get to ask you what you would like to see new on kbc3!!

the basic format remains the same, the look is ALL i am really interested in. i'd love trying to push the mark up a bit more. i think with srk i can take a lot more risks! lets write in...

tho the only bum thing is that it's gonna clash with my other fav show - koffee right thru n that pisses me off no end coz they were to shoot first in oct then nov then dec n now jan :(
but i guess i'll see enough of karan!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

realising real needs!

... the past two months have me taught a lot more about human behaviour - while we may like to think n believe that we are doing things "for" others, 90% of the time we are doing it for ourselves... who's need is it really? i find me asking myself...most times we go momentarily blind...might seem selfish...but a whole lot more honest!

the other thing is "hope" - that undying eternal human matter how slender, how faint that glimmer of light, how ridiculous even...but in the end there is always hope! what would we be without it??

i thought i'd write a lot more...but the words don't come...what is it about words that are spoken or written that commit a thought...don't even know if that made any sense...

that's what i like about a blog! so what if it don't make sense, so what if no one reads it... my need...again!