Monday, December 01, 2008

that chooth nandan

are these the people we elect? patil, deshmukh, naqvi n yes, that chooth nandan...slowly but surely we are succumbing to exactly what the terrorists wanted...insecurities of every kind...divisions, war cries, blame games and fear. my good ol friend from another lifetime urges us to look within and address the pain.
today also marked a significant step forward in my own 9/11...even the sky smiled! jupiter, venus n the new crescent moon in perfect conjunction.


there's another rally on the 4th, at azad maidan, i think...and i've been wanting to get some banners, posters, t-shirts going...actually paint them myself...but been struggling to put out some messages in 2to4 lines. positive messages about love, trust...reminding ourselves about the futility of violence...may be some kabir dohas...but something that goes beyond "enough is enough"...pls to reply with some lines...thanks!