Wednesday, January 31, 2007

10 reasons why i prefer srk to the old man

1. You CAN talk to srk!

2. I don't have to take light readings one foot over my head!!

3. He gave me a big bear hug at the launch!

4. He's made the game a lot more fun.

5. He shakes hands with the cameramen after the shoot.

6. He gives away tag heur watches n i want one!

7. He's jamia's most famous drop-out!

8. more when i think of more ;)


Sundar said...

yep ajay...and he certainly seems to try to put the contestants at great ease...and modesty creeps in when i guess it hits him once a while that while he is playing GOD there, he really does not have a clue on most of the qs..

Filmiholic said...

Reason no. 2 is hilarious!