Tuesday, January 31, 2006

on turning 30 (yet again!)

it's no longer funny how, after 30, i've stopped counting! they even made me blow candles this time...phew! luckily, last year round i was away in carefree braahzil! but it felt so good to be home with family and friends and some good ol' together-times...with ethan making his maiden entry all the way from vashi and sanah, the youngest regular!

but lying back on my bed after the clean-up, i wondered what if i didn't "celebrate" my birthday next year?...no stress, but then no pleasure either!

the newness of this paralyses me momentarily, constantly checking rechecking, to write or not to write. had read kurt kobain's diaries earlier in the day...such irreverance. photocopied it for sruti - her birthday gift. know she'll love it. has been sometime since i didn't labour about what to buy/get?

i miss writing in my trademark print italic style, but this will have to do for now. c! screams out for me mid-sleep...and its quiet again, just the click of the clock to remind me how long its taken me to write just this much!

watched jarman's "last of england" finally (at home) and then went to see "rang de basanti". but more about that tomorrow...


ajay noronha said...

it's noro69@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

so what is your take on rang de basanti? Watchable? dense? fluff?

ajay noronha said...

o the first half was most entertaining and i enjoyed it thoroughly. the second half and particularly the end, was most scary...in the values it propagates. scarier still is how it was being lapped up by a house full audience who laughed and cheered when siddharth kills his father. and all this when they're being likened with bhagat singh n co. and then the proverbial last straw - he goes live on radio admits killing his father, agrees that what he did wasn't right, sorry! just like that...i left the cinema hall a v worried man. anyway, see it n lemme know what yo thought.