Wednesday, June 14, 2006

footboobs n swollen eyes!

o those brazilians!...i mean, now who on earth would've conjured this up?? this was in porto allegre a year n half ago...right there in the middle of a maidan, dwarfing us lesser mortals as we collectively attempted making another world possible ;)

this image came to mind late last night as brazil beat croatia sending those bronzed bombshells into a frenzy. not that they played too well, rather disappointing in their finishing. in fact, wished croatia had put in a couple at least to test those bloody self-assured brazilians. tho' the referee it was, who provided the action. the numbskull russian flashed yellow cards like there was no tomorrow!

france was worse! the most lacklustre (for want of a better word) performance yet since the cup began... thiery played like he didn't really want to score and zidane, a fast fading shadow.

read with much amusement this article about football widows...thought about what a lot of women must be going off to sleep...alone...for a whole month! poor things! don't know what they're missing!! ouch, my eyes hurt as i write this...all red n swollen n bleary!


Anonymous said...

football should ball..
it's all about drishitkon ajay..may be wives are enjoiyng a good eight hour beauty sleep for a month without being disturbed by snoring husbands!!!!

ajay noronha said...

hahaha! never thought about that possibility! what would i do without such good ol' drishtikon!!

pomfret said...

arghh, looks like an ugly tumerous growth gck