Monday, August 07, 2006


...train to cape longest train journey ever! a scheduled 42hr ride, so help me god, ipod, scrabble, kiterunner, dominoes...n some neat arrak! (no not desi daaru, but some anniseed liquere).

as a kid, on the monthly visits to lonavala to see jim n anil, we'd take the train...and i'd wait impatiently for karjat - for those yumm vadas and watch another two diesel engines being attached to the back of the train to help her up the fav-est n out and in n out. i'd scream over the reverberant screeching of the train as it laboured up...almost as if the tunnel would've eaten me up if i didn't hear myself! many lifetimes later, i settle down to that familiar spot at the door, ibrahim ferrer filling my ears as i recklessly shoot pics on my 2bit digicam...only to delete most of them. is this what wender's mourned the loss of? the sacredness of an image!

tunnels life as times it is so dark and all you can hear is the pounding of your heart...other times, there's that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, just that it doesn't seem to come closer..its there...making me impatient...

tunnels, i've decided will be the leit motif in my film about my dad. my goa film ended with a tunnel. some people liked that...42 hours with 3other people and 4windows! johari much you n i know about me...

burrowing tunnels in these wndows...more like wormholes that will open up my painful past or accelerate me to a future i cannot fathom. it's been just 2hrs40min since we left dadar stn!!

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Mona Mishra said...

have read this post many times over. Every time with almost a new meaning. Hey, you write really well, Ajay!!!!