Thursday, October 04, 2007

mazzy star

a landscape is often defined for me by the music i am listening to while traversing it. esp if it is new music. this trip belonged to mazzy star...until before i left i had heard just one of her songs - fade into you. but "blue light" just did it for me.

There's a blue light
In my best friend's room
There's a blue light
In his eye
There's a blue light, yeah
I want to see it
There's a ship
That sails by my window
There's a ship that sails on by
There's a world under it
I think I see it
Sailing away
I think it's sailing
Miles crashing me by
Crashing me by
Crashing me by

whether we were driving through the moors in the midlands or crossing the baltic sea in a huge ferry or hurtling under the english channel at 230kmph or soaring 33000ft over the caucasus mountains, she was there...shining!

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