Tuesday, January 29, 2008


early this month, mike (aka michael joseph of johnny gadaar fame) called from bangalore asking me to do a 10day camera n lighting workshop for his film students at sristi. 10days!!! i gulped...we settled for 7...i'd never done a week long lighting workshop. was most kicked about the fact that i would be teaching my niece-pooja!
now, i had seen some early dip films from sristi n loved them n thought this mike guy's got a good thing going. on our last trip to b'lore, visited the school n liked the vibe n met up with mike n bonded almost immediately. i've often felt frustrated at sophia's where i've been teaching for about 13yeaars!...and now quite looked forward to interacting with just 10students. that too all day for however long we wanted...an all new experience!

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