Saturday, March 22, 2008

mbti pic post

some lifetimes ago, i met this hard-nosed, pain in the ass iim-a guy at cry. he was product manager, getting in the money, which we at projects spent. the two depts seldom saw eye to eye...but he n i somehow hit it off. jump-cut to last month, he asks me to come in on a project that he's been thinking could be made into a film!and this is janaki, who's been doing research to figure if there is an "indian" well they complement each other..a delight to watch in action!


hana said...

so, is there an indian type?

ajay noronha said...

watch this space! ;)

Filmiholic said...

So, Ajay, what's your MBTI type?


I've been 'diagnosed' as an ENFP-borderline-INFP.

We used to use the MBTI a lot at work.