Friday, February 06, 2009

travellin february!

after that bom-goa-bom rash, it's been a crazy schedule of docu shoots i've been on. first, the northeast - my first time to those parts...shillong and guwahati. a rude start at guwahati, when my camera bag was almost stolen on arrival. very early morning still waking as we stumbled out of slumber n onto the platform...only to discover to our horror that my cam bag was missing. the coach attendant said he saw someone running with a bag, the lady on the platform said the same...deja vu! lighting can't be striking the same place twice, i said, my head in a daze...someone said we should quickly go lodge a complaint...we scurried towards to the foot overbridge...when sur exclaimed, ajay! there your camera bag, pointing forward...lying abandoned right there in the middle of the platform...i couldn't believe it!...took a while for my pounding heart to ease off...not again!
the drive to shillong was beyootiful...dawn breaking over hill n tree as the road snaked upwards while we slipped in n out of sleep. a few kilometers away, we stop...not just us...a long winding cavalcade of buses, jeeps, trucks n cars...stuck...jammed...but no honking...a quiet acceptance. we step out and have our first local breaka - rice with pork n roti with sabzi n this awesome dried prawns ka chutney...some chai n a few pics later, it moved...
el dorado! indeed it was...a quiet refuge from the mayhem of the all cities HAVE to be like this? dirty overcrowded chaotic n noisy? this was the city of lou majow n dylan, pork momos n christ!

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