Sunday, March 08, 2009


so many lightyears ago i begun working on this film about my many years it took me to write proposal...i finally wrote one in a desperate attempt to kickmyownass back to the film. i even sent it to docedge - this annual circus where european ringmasters get to crack whip on an assortment of performers. i was thrilled to learn that my proposal was accepted n that i'd have to come to cal to srftii to, sell...(you get the drift?)
tired of travelling so far n so often, i decided to train it to cal...the last time i took the train to cal was over 25yrs still takes thirty hours for the gitanjali to do it...but how much i loved it...realised how much i miss train travel...
where the bodymindsoul gets enough time to leave one place slowly n prepare for the next place...ofcourse, i didn't think so philosophically about it then when i booked the ticket...i just wanted some time to prepare for write rewrite sleep eat music read sleep...this pyt trainee airhostess sitting opposite suprisingly wasn't much of a distraction.
i was going thru the newly carved states of chhatisgarh n jharkhand for the first time...stepped off onto the platform n kissed the earth kind of thing ;) things were more or less the same in the compartment...talking poilitics n cricket...sharing chiclet n oranges...but a lot more people on their mobile phones n mp3players...sometimes playing music so loudly, i had to keep pleading with them to turn it off...why don't they just carry earphones?!
nagpur came...and went...but i didn't get off...felt so strange...all my growing up years, we'd take the train to nagpore...the most keenly awaited winter holiday to the family home...that was "native place"...i was born here n so was my dad. aunt no more, house no more, trips no more :( for years when they'd ask me, ajay noronha, are you from goa? i'd say no, nagpore.

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