Sunday, February 26, 2012

India shining, honestly!

I walked today for less than a couple of hours with an extraordinary bunch of guys from Hyderabad and Bangalore. They were on a Kanyakumari to Dilli padyatra to share an important message of personal honesty as an ideal for nation building. Mujeeb, Vivek and the others (some in their twenties) struck me with their passion, openness and single-minded purpose. And that too on a budget of Rs 50 a day only to experience first-hand that the minimum wages fixed by the govt of Rs 32 was woefully inadequate.

For a large part, I keep whine-ing about the youth today and this silenced me totally! I thanked them for this tiny opportunity they provided me as I said bye at Shivaji Park. But what stayed with me thereafter was their incredible personal journeys...I hope they find their thoughts, dreams and vision echoed wherever they set foot. 

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