Monday, February 27, 2006


...ssshh! this is IT! the epic-entre of the ram-laksman-sita threesome...some froliky troika this must have been!! besides being the source of the river godavari. the rest is evident ;)

woke up early one morn at chitrakoot to do darshan at this v imp dharmasthala...climb a flight of stairs before you ease yourself into this "orifice" on a hillside...all squishy with ankle-deep water as you splosh along in relative darkness with bats flitting overhead...illuminated suddenly by gennie-run halogens. voila! ram kund...all cavernous, echo-ey and plonk in the centre a vermillion weilding baba...raamji ka darshan dus rupaiya chanting mantra-like though threateningly...i duck n go around leaving behind a procession of freshly shaved devotees who meekly pay up n are hopefully cleansed of any previous paaps...tap tap tap! these hindus are crazy!


Mona Mishra said...

My god, ajay, that is some picture. Sure you took yr time framing that one! Are you going to write about the kids you met? love, m

PS: see how you inspired that blog? Tu Mahan Hai!

ajay noronha said...

mona darrling! i didn't take that pic..its part of a collection of postcards on the "sights of chitrakoot"...painted photographs! some fab ones!!