Friday, March 03, 2006


cherubim - my dad's middle name! yes, believe it or not!! don't know how he got it...much like i didn't know a lot about him. thought i'd make a film - getting to know my dad... begun working on it in oct 20000 - audio recordings, filming with friends n relatives, gathering photographs...kinda trying to construct or rather re-construct his life n times for myself...i was six when he died...

for myself! that's what i had thought initially that i was making it just for myself, until a few friends thought it might be a good idea to make a film n let everyone in on it...seeing mukul's "snapshots from a family album" only increased my enthu...

just finished dumping to vhs all that i have shot so far and its a frightening 38mini dv tapes already! that's close to 38hours of material i have no idea as yet how to shape.

very stuck with treatment...formalistic issues...just so bored of talking heads (and i've got a lot of them!)...unsure about how honest i can be with myself and the film...good ol wishy washy charlie brown...not clear what i should focus own search? piecing together his life? photographs and memory? my mum? a burnt family album?

paro once told me that i might like to think of myself as a documentary cameraman but am really a fiction kinda guy...suprised me then, but i do like the imagery of bergman, tarkovsky, wenders, von trier...maybe its that what i'm battling in my head...and as always consume myself with form before content!!

so help me god!!!

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Mukul said...

god.. i know exactly what you mean - about putting together a very personal film. and others' certainty about how you should handle it doesn't really help! and i too need form to be able to put content together, however crazy that may sound to people.