Saturday, April 15, 2006

ra ra americana!

watched "munich" last night, night before...seems like spielberg has taken off from where he left off with "saving ryan's private" much voilence and in such graphic detail...a big turn-off. i hadn't expected the film be a series of carefully planned eliminations...of members of black september. the much hyped questioning of purpose by the protagonist coming right at the end feels like some desperate guilt-cleansing...and that too in far-away "safe" america (where else??)...the saviour of the new ass!

disappointing to say the least but geoffrey rush is brilliant. missed "walk the line" and "crash" of this years oscar crop...when will we ever have just ONE film award here in india?...and the oscar goes opposed the manikchand femina star screen award goes to...or the dabur vatika zee cine award goes to...sigh!!


Mukul said...

ha ha!

ajay noronha said...

don't laugh! when you're gonna show me how to add links and a counter?