Friday, April 21, 2006

some introductions are in order now

"ok now stick your finger in your mouth and blow hard, the cap on your head will rise!"...applause applause!!

terryQ, tee, tq, santaQ, terryfique, father terrence, baal thakeray...all of the above he is. so many things to so many people. i haven't come across ONE other person who has touched so many people in such a deep and lasting way. and people include 2-3 yr old people too! he's truly fantastique...

baby-sitter, story-teller, song-writer, singer, guitar-player, watch pen camera phone-repairer, student counsellor, hostel warden, basketball-er, psychology professor, poster artist, preacher, peanuts lover, camper, vintage biker... i could go on, but he's blushing already...o ya and a jesuit priest as well!

'twas one humid autumn night some 22 years ago under this canopy of stars in a warli-land, we spoke about sin and god and beliefs. i was in my late teens then and he was fr meant a world to me then and now he means the world to me.

"i'm looking for roses

roses in the sea

just for an honest chance to live

an honest chance to be free.

i'm searching the wide world over

for life, for liberty

its much easier to find

roses in the sea"

ya, he wrote that! and sings it too plucking on his guitar...i feel bad for all you guys out there who haven't met him.

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mira said...

Lucky you, you got to meet a guy like fr. Terence in your youth. I see many of the same qualities in you!
And your writing on the blog too is so good.