Monday, May 01, 2006

"don't get me wrong huh"

i've read about it, heard about it...never experienced it. but its for real - these goans don't want us indians, just that they won't tell it to you on your face. they'll ignore you, make you pay up for the entire stay on their resort (altho the norm is one day tariff in advance). so i sit this tony guy down on our last morning there in this really nicely laid-out desolate beach resort in south goa.

"arrey you know how these indians are no...bloody nuisance they are, get drunk, create a scene, don't pay their bills...and one chap, you know man, got drunk and started firing his gun in the air. i mean it could hurt the foreign guests no. then there was a big splash in the papers the next day. che don't want all this mess."

so i say to him then, that you either learn not to generalise or then just say sorry we don't want indians. "no, not like that, don't get me wrong, i am telling you all this very openly because you said you are also a goan"!!!!

when will they ever learn
o when will they ever learn??!!

while checking out, i learn that "tony sir has said it is ok not to pay the food bill". i scribble a thank you note and leave beaming broadly!! heehee!!


mira said...

You nonsense, "We am Like That Only" Indian!!!

Anonymous said...

if you think goans in goa are bad what about the goans outside india? most of them try to pass off as portuguese despite not being able to speak a word of the lingo! as for me...i am a brit of indian origin (goa)and proud of it! god save the queen and jai hind!