Tuesday, May 16, 2006

meeka n appa come home to stay!

meeka aka meenaka and appa with c! (or is it the other way round?) a few summers ago...this was at the sample flat then...and now they're back, like they were last summer to escape the torrid delhi heat n power/water cuts.

its so good to have them stay with us...a sobering effect on our otherwise wayward erratic lifestyle...kind of gets us into a sane routine. her dad all of 84 and mum 76...lucky girl to have her parents around and lucky me too!! yum sambar, rasam, kutt, curry, aplam, dosa, idli...meeka is such a treat to watch in the kitchen...nothing ever gets thrown away, tasty leftovers turned into even tastier snacks, some skins leave seeds are dried for days then ground to make a face pack or other...

appa - ramaseshan tatha, came to delhi from madurai in 1945! worked as the librarian in the lok sabha all his life post-independence. imagine a family album with b/w pics of him with nehru, mountbatten, dr radhakrishna et al! so many stories...recorded a few on cam...meenaka was 16 when she married him and came to delhi from kerala, where she grew up with tiger cubs!!

as kattar as my mum, he opposed the idea of us marrying...but that's another story for another day.


mira said...

That picture of Sarada, Meenakka and Appa is lovely. You should continue to post some of their stories, it sounds so nostalgic and amazing.
Having our parents and grandparents at home with us instead of keeping them in old age homes or living separately will go a long way in bringing some semblance of hope for us and our children for the future!!

Rohan Shivkumar said...

i also want more stories.