Sunday, June 10, 2007

macbook edit config, etc

...just been all over the place...with way too many distractions to sit down write...but the haze is clearing...the edit is finally on course, thanks to so many whose brains i picked! so here's my config:
13inch macbook 2.0 Ghz intel core2 duo, ram up-ed to 2gb, 667MHz bus, 60gb internal hard disk. 2 lacie external hard disks (250 n 500gb), external mouse n keyboard, fcp 5.1 (universal binary for the new intel chips). 20in lg flat tv monitor. am using my panasonic cam to grab as well as a/v router. so firewire400 from cam to lacie1, firewire800 from 1 to lacie2, firewire400 from 2 to macbook.

then, the family went on our annual picnic...this time to uttan (north of gorai) n packed ourselves in an ac qualis! good fun, hot tho' but it stormed that evening n rained n was most beautiful...

then, went on a 3day shoot to gujarat - a film on climate change. shot at these 2 villages by the sea in bharuch n valsad where the sea has encroached some 6-7kilometers in 15-20 years!! and the villagers have had to rebuild thrice everything - homes, schools, temples!...but it was hot as hell...came back burnt n sore. no pics tho!...
am still scattered even now as i write...will stop here...more soon!

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