Tuesday, June 26, 2007

i did it!

yes! i finally slapped someone! walking down from the train station to home amidst bumper to bumper traffic late one evening dodging manholes n garbage n the teeming millions on the road n behind the wheel...was someone at my heels blaring the horn like it was carnaval. n fuckin loud it was...0 to 100 in 1.5 sec my blood boiled, turned around to see it was a ricksha, i just bent down n slapped him so hard! i got as much of a fright as he did as he lunged toward me...i evaded successfully n gave him a earful of expletives n curses...essentially reminding him that the road wasn't his alone...o man! that felt soooo good!...:)

(now this was over a week back! i've been laid low with a viral...just about recovering!)

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Mukul said...

wow.. i have always wondered if i was losing it, at my urge to go out and hit people who honk or turn or stop suddenly in front of you, give them the choicest expletives.. thanks, obviously i'm not alone!