Thursday, July 19, 2007

i'm back (yet again!)

damn! that took a long time recovering...not much happened since...though most significantly,my editor d got into srftii for editing. most kicked that she got in. but which meant that we've taken a break from editing. all well-timed coz i got busy with the last sked of koffee.

i think i'm gonna miss shooting this show more than any other. enjoyed it immensely! everything about it - the high profile ness, the look we achieved, the easy pace of the shoot, the absolutely wonderful kjo, the most understanding producers...and some good fun guests.

then, classes began at sophia's...some not-so-happy changes there...not as bright a batch as last years. but i enjoyed my first two classes thirteenth year there!!!... and am now to take a 4day workshop at krvi...for about 40 architecture students. most nervous since i've never done anything like this before. cannot think of anything besides what i am already obsessing about these days while working on my own film - identity, images, memories and the city.

there's more...but by n sorry if i got some of you worried...better now...cheers!

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