Monday, April 21, 2008

the clearing

i taalo-ed(postponed) it as much as i could...just couldn't bare the loss of thick shrubbery n all the birds n bees that would have one place less to nest n rest. but this time i just had's summer, less to clear, got labour finally n started the clearing.
the plot's in a valley nestled between some ever-dwindling green cover. the spring which ran alongside the plot, dry now. i've decided to clear just half the plot n let the other half just be the "jungle" it is. finally, i was able to walk around the plot, get a sense of the slope of the land n select a spot to build...just above the tree level looking northwest into the, get down to work on the design of the centre n start building after the monsoons! yaay!!

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Anonymous said...

hey super! all z bezt...tell me if you ned dejign ideas!!! its finally happening...lucky you!!!!
cheers, mona