Friday, April 04, 2008

learning to drive!

mee??!! yup...8 sessions done n i can start, stop, drive in 3rd gear and reverse!!...a weird way to start your day tho'...but kinda relaxing. i often wondered how so many of my friends found driving relaxing...while i could only think of it as extremely stressful. but it's ok...learning on a santro hoping to graduate to a sienna!...
my instructor from jaunpur was v sleepy this morn...ate some gutka, turned to me, "kya aap khaatey hai kya?" n went on to tell me about life back home n how he's left his kheti-ka-kaam n come to bombay n how he's going to get his brother too. hope that thakeray goon ain't reading this.
back home, quickly bath, breaka n off to filmcity on my bicycle, of course!! downslope outside the studio last night, i realised my bike woudn't stop dead even if i pressed my brakes all the way...phew! to slow down n lose some weight that propels me even faster down ;)

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