Thursday, September 07, 2006

bigger is better!

...there's this dubai-returned friend, lazy rainy morning on I-day he brought along his lcd projector...and our monthly screenings at home have never been the same! widescreen @ 2000lumens from 15ft away is such a trip! i mean, actually moving your head to follow a character as he walks from left to home!! television is just another piece of furniture!!

we watched capote that day...n tonight we watched george clooney's goodnight, and goodluck. very taut film with a fantastic performance by david strathairn as edward murrow - the cbs reporter who challanged n exposed mc carthy - the commie bashing jr senator.stark b/w photography intercut with actual newsreel footage of mc carthy. tho' based on a period in the 1950's, the fim's relevance only increases when viewed against the pathetic news television scene in india these days. clooney is such a dude...stands apart from the hollywood morass...

must show it to my students!

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