Friday, September 01, 2006

land ahoy!

Finally! a place of our own in Goa…to relax, unwind, recharge! It’s been a dream I have been pursuing for some time now…a piece of land to start a multi-media resource centre for children in Goa.

After months and countless trips, I found this place in Verna in S Goa…tucked away from the Panjim-Margao highway (3km in)…an acre on a hillslope facing the west, full of cashew trees n wild berries n birdsongs…and some black-faced langurs!

From this GoogleEarth pic, you can see that the sea is a mere 8km away... It is 5min from Verna Stn, 10min from Margao, 20min from the airport and 30min from Panjim!!

Just the land … for now!…will build there slowly over the next 1-2 years and eventually move there, live there. Goa, like the rest of India is changing at a frighteningly rapid pace…so, the earlier we go there the better ;)

It wasn’t easy…actually quite harrowing the whole experience…we (there’s 2 others who’ve bought an acre each) decided not to go through a lawyer/advocate and not pay any bribe. Our Sale Deed was rejected twice on technical grounds and we lost a lot of sleep, hair and several thousands on Stamp Paper…the third time round, our spirits broke, we approached an advocate (who knew the Registrar) and it went through…some very expensive price of learning this!!

No sense of elation or joy or achievement…just exhaustion n relief…but now, two days later, the enormity of it all and the happiness is slowly sinking in...


Rohan Shivkumar said...

sounds great!

Sundar said...


mira said...

now that yu finally own your piece of Goa, all the trouble seems insignificant. Waiting to pluck and eat the karvandas and cashews from our own garden, once again!!Thinking of our fruit garden in Nagpur. Such lovely memories.

Mona Mishra said...

hey - congratulations!!! very very happy for you - super job! waah waaah have become zamindar!