Sunday, February 25, 2007

going going goan (yikes! bad one)

...just back from a short 3day trip to see how work on my new plot of land is progressing and to discuss a weekend summer workshop with tino - ceramic artist friend...all's well there and we've even hit water.

but on a drive up across the plateau above us we were horrified to see largescale rock-blasting and land-flattening...all to feed a new mega housing project...of course there is no board announcing it, though there's this spanking new road (without a single private car/bike) abuzz with dumper trucks n jvc's. someone's fattening the golden goose!!

back home, on revisiting google earth, we realise that we have the last of the two arms of greenery along the valley down from that plateau...increasing our resolve to preserve it...but therein lies the dilemma - the rubble that will come in to "terrace" our new property is going to come from up there. the wild shrubbery that we're "clearing" to get "an idea of the land" will deprive the multitude of birds their home...tiktoktiktok...whattodowhattodo??

later, i go to caranzalem to anita's...and got lost!! i couldn't recognise the place and couldn't find her row of buildings...the local insatiable glutton mla has filled up ricefields, broadened roads running thru people's houses, put up round-abouts with tall halogen lighting...all for another fat goose - a premium humungus housing project pushed by either the mining dons or sahara! crazy!!

what am i ranting about - the apt i am in now here in bombay is built on a plot which was reserved as a playground for the area. once upon a time not so long ago, this must've been a thick wild forest...and so was bandra...can see goa going the same way but in an accelerated sort of way...and the rest of india and indeed most of the planet...i guess we'll all just evolve to need less water and drop a pill for food!! burp!!!

"Remember that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return". Gen3:19

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