Friday, February 09, 2007

rough cuts!

...there's something about watching rough cuts...i feel completely energised, excited n happy to be part of the process of the making of a film. (so what if my face remains deadpan ;) ...besides a good reminder to go back to my own film!

been watching my students' rough cuts over the last two days. one film turning out really well. one in icu and the other two will shape up in the edit. but it is also that time of the year i feel most frustrated by the course limitations and esp by the director's intransigence about the way stories can be told. feel awful for the students n often find myself stoking rebellion. i need to find myself a new place to teach...any suggestions people?

saw the rough cut of paro's latest film for psbt on the meerut "operation majnu" madness. i remember feeling so much anger seeing that policewoman inspector slap young people -couples, casual bystanders and hangers-around...a cheap publicity stunt by a sick mind which reckless tv news channels hankered over. the film slick, with paro's now trademark style of embellishing the images with sfx, split screens and strapping tv grabs. always engaging n thought-provoking...but the style getting predictable.

then, tomorrow surabhi's caribbean magnum opus about remo n chutney music there. must quickly get back to my more excuses!

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