Monday, February 19, 2007

...thought i'd something more to say i was growing up, when words failed (as they often did), there was ALWAYS pink floyd-
"Sweetheart sweetheart are you fast asleep,
good "cos that's the only time that I can really talk to you
and there is something that I've locked away
a memory that is too painful
to withstand the light of day."
evocative, succinct and bang-on!... the music ethereal n haunting n ever-changing. never imagined i'd see/hear them "in the flesh". but after hearing roger waters perform "dark side of the moon" last night i can die in peace!...i guess...

so what if it was just 25% of the original pink floyd, so what if he was way to old to hit the high notes and had to lip-sync some portions, so what if they said he was egomaniacal and precipitated the groups' break-up...he wrote exactly what was on my mind, in a way that seemed just so perfect. forever critical, very political, often depressing and at times morbid.

tears swelled over by the time he reached
"now i've got that feeling once again,
i cannot explain, you will not understand,
this is not how i am,
iiiiiiii have become comfortably numb"
transporting me back to the time i tried od-ing on calmpose...that was almost twenty years ago... walkin down the corridors at xaviers, sam's blue panasonic walkman blasting my ears with"final cut"...i had discovered pink floyd!

"the wall" eeriely seemed like the story of my own life n living...complete! audio n visual!! haven't ever identified as closely with a singer-songwriter...wished i had bought the 3k tics ...only to have been closer to have touched the ground HE walked on...

"Black and blue
and who know which is which and who is who
Up and down
but in the end it's round and round"


Anonymous said...

stunning piece of writing Ajay. many love, mona

ajay noronha said...

...and pray why have you stopped writing??

SURABHI said...

26th june it was. and i always felt sam had something to do with it. not just the blue walkman. never liked him after that- even when he was in a bad shape and very ill.

ajay noronha said...

hey don't not like sam for that...he had NOTHING to do with fact am glad you didn't read a posting after this one, which i quickly deleted...