Saturday, November 24, 2007

bandipur sightings!

making a mountain of an ant-hill
any amounts of spotted deer
tusker, saar! king elephant
aanai family at a salt lick!
the closest we came to seeing a tiger!tho' a lot of fat gujjus saw one one evening. once, the driver/guide shiva (the dude!) slammed the accelerator n catapulted us for a rare 2sec fleeting glance of a leopard...

the gypsy is such a wonderful vehicle to sneak up on the animals...trying to beat them at their own game...purr-ing down those jungle tracks...engine switched off...rolling along, eyes n ears pealed...most exciting! crested hawk eagle, flying squirrel, sambar, langurs, many birds!!!

occassionally missed carrying my slr n long lens...but then was sooo relieved not to be carrying it!

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Deepshikha said...

Bohot hi sahi hai sirrrr.. Must say youve been lucky to see so many animals, I remember seeing only baisons and deers and of course ants and their mighty hills .. The pug mark picture is wonderful ..