Thursday, November 29, 2007

not just jazz

i had missed all of the prithvi theatre festival celebrating the musical. got a chance to see denzil smith's 'jazz' last evening at friend, naresh has been digging up bombay's fantastic jazz past over the last few years...his research shaped much of the script but the play left me disappointed. some of the lines were straight out from a high-school annual day production!...making me cringe. the lead - bugs bhargava huffed n puffed his way thru the different characters he played - mumbai's long forgotten jazz greats. drugs, sex, women, exploitation, penury, desperation, alcohol, church, bollywood...o how much church! seemed more like a "made by bandra for bandra" consumption! the high point was young rhys!...boy! can he blow that sax??!!
good intentions not matched by as good fact, it could've been a radio play!!

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