Thursday, November 29, 2007

bicycle bicycle bicycle

been meaning to do it ever since i got my bike...ride from home @ sai baba in goregaon to sur's @ thakur village in kandivili...and i did it this morning! 20mins flat!! with coolers over my eyes n music in my ears, i was there in just 3 songs. up over the malad flyover rolling down all the way downslope to the notorious malad toi signal. slight upslope till the k'vili station road bridge n then a smooth roll down to mahindra gate...whizzed right past security n parked my bike just below the block. ahhh! think i've spent an hour n a half hours sometimes suffocating in a rick to do the same distance at peak hours!!
bicycle lanes toh door ki bath! wish i was in amsterdam!!
so many lifetimes ago, i'd race rickety ambassadors n fiats on skates as they spluttered down the highway in bandra east...i skate from home in kherwadi to the santacruz airport just to see planes take off...o n to under one while it took off was the biggest thrill of the week!!...i'd skate the from home in vakola to school in matunga, n be joined by two classmates on their bicycles at the bandra kalanagar flyover!!! cannot imagine doing it these days...
next...gonna try goregaon to vakola to my mum's! yaaay!

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