Tuesday, November 25, 2008

clearing cobwebs

the cobwebs grew thick n fast over the last year...obscuring any trace of progress i had made on my dad's film. on sunday, while dusting some debris off my head (not my brain, pls note;) i realised that it was exactly a year ago i had begun writing a proposal for docedge. the coincidence was eerie but significant...significant enough to want to get back to it...i hadn't shot a frame nor written a single word...some said it would happen when it happens...whatever that means...but all i know it's back on my radar, a faint blip albeit...but hopefully the venus jupiter conjunction will ignite it back to life :)
working title: in the name of the father (o how original!). gtkd - getting to know dad (cuteseely yuckk!) so help me god


Kanika said...

Dear Ajay,
This is the link to my blog.
It's recent,so nothing much.
Do visit though.



Deepshikha said...

Thats a lovely thought.. How about 'For Pa' or 'Discovering Pa' as a title?? That makes me think, even I started writing a script a few months ago which never saw the light of the day.. Like u mentioned, it would happen when it happens.. :)

ajay noronha said...

hey k: happy blogging!
d: keep writing!...

purplesilt said...

I wonder what is it about mothers and fathers that generates so much energy about making a film on them and never really being prepared enough to do that.