Saturday, November 29, 2008

do we have to...?

do we absolutely have to know everything NOW? whatever unintelligible incoherent idiotic way it is being presented. do we have to thrust cameras n microphones into bleeding faces or tired exhausted souls? can't we stand back for just one time and acknowledge just once that the other is human with feelings and has a right to privacy? what is it about having a camera, being "press" that gives me the supercilious belief that i can commit this violation for the greater common good? and do we have to scream...and scream louder than the others like in a fish market auction...look i've got a better bigger catch...exclusive!

is this what we are to leave as textbooks for the next generation? to excel burkha dutt's faux pas'? as someone who's been teaching wannabe mediapersons, i share the blame...and take it as a new challenge...there's so many lessons to be learnt from the last 3days in bombay...can i be part of the healing? and how?


Mira said...

the media insensitivity to victims and their families has left me depressed, especially Barkha Dutt.

Sunil Deepak said...

That expresses my feelings as well!

ajay noronha said...

Hi Mira n Deepak,
I think like our outrage at the politicians, we need to be as loud n clear about our comdemnation of this kind of reporting. That we DO NOT want to see it like this. We are afterall the viewers, right?