Thursday, March 29, 2007

the morning after

...oddly, woke up early after having slept laate...after an insufferable special closing episode at kbc...with kareena n priyanka and salman n katrina...all my drooling over p evaporated as soon as the questions were thrown at them...the shoot dragged on until 2am!! none of us in the mood to party after that...didn't even say bye to srk :( but then i'll meet him at koffee for sure ;)

there's a kingfisher on the wire that runs outside our window chirruping away...n a solitary koyal ...some mainas n parrots and a tit (i think)...a nice quiet morning...well past noon!!


flyby said...

lukkha time is here again!!

surabhi said...

get back to your film instead of pondering over the birds on the wire!

Mukul said...

surabhi aunty!!