Wednesday, March 14, 2007

und shund...

it's midweek aready and there was tons i was supposed to to-do list has now reached no.21!! last night was good fun with bodhi staying over unexpectedly...talking sharing in his very characteristic way. he's been working on the history n economics of the recording industry in india at the turn of the century for a couple of years now. his last (very academic)writings went right over my head. so this time, for gowars like me, he had this powerpoint presentation (complete with audio clips) which was most rivetting! excerpts from diaries of the early "expeditions" to record "for the natives"...hope he makes a film out of it all.

between the opening world cup game betw pak n w indies, we caught up about all we've been upto and my plans for this media resource centre in goa. always so forthright and wide-ranging..."it is not as much as what you want to do but what is needed there" true...seems like a lot of work! n need to think quickly if i am to do my first workshop end april there.

was most kicked to learn that west indies beat pakistan...on waking up this morning.

meanwhile, the end of kbc is in sight...much prefer this concentrated short spells of tv work. happy to have cracked the "look" right down to the way it appears on our tv sets. need to desperately do that for koffee which looks like hell on air...someone's gonna chop my head off one of these days!

finished my year at sophiya's too...on a very upbeat note this time, with one of the films turning out real good. about this girl who's left home n her parents to do this course n her relationship with them. could've been ordinary, just that her parents can't hear...are you happy? her dad would ask her...i know she is...and we all are!...she won the just-insitituted tv18 award for excellence in documentary film making...such a good idea, zubin!

just when i was still beaming...this ex-student of mine couldn't remember what i taught her!!...when asked by bodhi, so what does ajay teach you guys? :(


Anonymous said...

what do you teach?

Anonymous said...

serves you right... huh, cant even spell sophia


Mukul said...

har har har-de-har!!