Wednesday, March 21, 2007

superNova the vikalp-nova festival got off to a cracking start last evening at national college bandra. not a full house but almost! and that was good. i sat out (again) of amudhan's "shit" n went in for avikuntak's "endnotes"...which didn't do anything for me. indulgent esoteric n cold. missed the belgian films ostensibly waiting to discuss today's cc's (cinematographers combine) presentation on 'shooting documentary'.

a few of us have been talking about it over the last few days...watching a variety of recent work...identifying suitable feels good - the engagement with this our chosen medium of expression. how budget constraints the look of the film, not just look even the the choice of subject and its treatment. sudheer, murali, mukul, arun, ramani, rahul...all dada's in their own way.

may there be more...

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