Thursday, April 26, 2007

the eve's a dark cloudy n muggy night. not a leaf moves as my stomach churns as tomorrow nears. i'm trying to be cool about it...but meeting 5 of the 10-12 kids who are gonna be coming tomorrow helped...they're from the local school n seemed most excited. tino got the place cleaned up while i went to margao to make all the necessary purchases. i'll post some pics tomorrow, but for now, you'll just have to take my word ;)

tested out all the equipment i brought along n the tv here, cut up black chart paper into large rectangles, read up some more, visited photo labs n then dipped into tino's lil oval pool when it all got too much. i've decided to get to know this area/place through these kids n this workshop. their families, school, friends, interesting places...

they're gonna be teaching me konkani they said!! n show me birds, tell me names of the trees that grow here, fruit, get the, let's see what i end up doing with them!! o n i got these blank page notebooks where they'll draw, write, stick things, their photos even...friday n saturday 9am to 5pm or so...tino gently reminds me it is goa n people will come late, not at all or may come half day!!

has anyone here done stuff with kids 7-17yr olds? any vishesh tipnees? i've carried along a couple of charlie chaplins n geeta's 'printed rainbow'!! on that happy note...goodnite!!


Anonymous said...

watch the attention span!


Mira said...

Include some simple games for a break. Keep taking cues from them. And when I come next year we'll have some simple cooking experiences so they wont feel hungry! Oh, how I wish I was there.