Sunday, April 15, 2007


...with so much being said, written n discussed about the need for sex education...i went back the one class we had while in school...7th or 6th standard we must've been in...and all i can remember is our school counsellor telling us boys not too spend too much time in the toilet n the bath - "the devil will put evil thoughts in your mind"...fat miss coral, lil did she know we were trying to figure out boobs from doobs and would get mighty turned on by 'big' miss flo's powdered cleavage n drop pencils on the floor to look up her short skirt as she walked by our bench...o what a joy!!

...of course, later came, human digest, debonair, playboy n even penthouse...and my first pondy - caligulla (or some such thing) much for birds n bees! ha!!


Mira said...

Its no more fun now. Teachers have a strict dress code!!! Student teachers are taught how to dress "decently" according to our culture!!!

ajay noronha said...

o no! how boring!!