Tuesday, April 17, 2007

how to shake mtnl up

...for the last few weeks, i've been having a torrid time with my otherwise makkhan mtnl broadband connection. the adsl light just wouldn't stay steady. i'd call the helpline 1504 be on hold forever, they'd check that all is well from their side n pass the buck on to the exchange. but at the exchange, no one would pick up the phone or worse, they'd pick up, bark into it n slam it down mid-complaint. now that really gets my goat...

this went on for almost everyday for over 10days. today, i had had enough. i pulled out my camera, stuck a tape in, turned it on n walked right in into the "broadband saheb's office", but of course he's not there. got staff trying variously to explain to me where saab might have gone. naashta, chai, baahar...meanwhile, two others with the same complaint join me...

saab aa gaya, said someone..n in we trooped, my camera still rolling. sticking the lens into saab's face, i ask. "mr raghavan pls explain to me why my broadband connection is not working"..
err , have a seat...are you recording this? (sheepishly)
-yes, i'm fed up.(angrily)
but let me see what the problem is...
-your staff knows about this problem for 10days now.
o let me see. SAWANT!...inka number lena aur check karke batao (eyeing the camera)

my tirade didn't stop...iptv...privatisation..no planning...no capacity...don't...can't...i told him i wasn't going to leave till it is fixed. n sat put in his office while he tried to placate me, urging me to turn it off, offering me chai, ordering more staff on the job!...

i do turn it off eventually n then he says, pls understand i have joined here only 2 weeks ago. i am actually a refrigeration engineer, by training!!!!!!!!! pathetic... he goes on to tell me what a mess mtnl is in, no staff, not trained, how the guy before him neglected this department...after chai, i have not one, but two engineers dispatched with me home to fix the problem. haan, aur extra router bhi leyke jaanaa. why not, i muttered under my breath...it is 1.30pm now! prime lunch time!!

anyways, as it turned out there was a problem with the router... that changed..here i am!! beaming ear to ear!! but come to think about it..not very different from the mess the rest of the city is in - our roads, these malls...sighhhh


Anonymous said...

great great act

I was having the similar problem. Basically all the configurations and hardware were ok on my side but these silly ppl were having some configuration on their end and i had to suffer for a week.
So after getting fed up I send the emails to area DGM and within one day the problem was solved and I was asked too to check if the problem persists .
Basically as you pointed out the this type of problem is everywhere.
Because we have learnt to bear all this crap.
It hardly matters for us if the roads are having problems, or any matter you take.

but its good that u took such diring act
and kudos to you

boss aise log honge to India aagey jayega hi

ajay noronha said...

hey cheers man! u in bombay?

ajay noronha said...

o! and on the way home with the two engineers...they were thrilled that i did what i did, coz otherwise "no one asks these officers anything, we only have to face the brunt of you people".

Mukul said...

amazing! un duffers ko bhi maza aaya.

Anonymous said...

kya Baat !! toh tum " Hum Honge Kamayab" is mahan gane ka sahi matlab aab internalize kiye ho!!!
sahi raste pur ho aap aage badho!!!