Wednesday, April 04, 2007

everything you wanted to know about kbc

as i was saying...time n again i've been asked for tech details on goes:
kbc moving lights:
kbc3 lighting was designed to reflect the show's new host and its increased play area, while staying true to the familiar look and feel of the original show. by bunging in a whole new set of lights we were able achieve greater creative freedom and control in terms of the varying colour palettes and light moves.

*we had 12 color kinetic LED washes in the pit which provided the right amount of colour saturation to the transparent bowl over which the game was played.
*10 robe color spot 1200's in a semi-circular ring over the audience which defined the show look with their up n down moves to the music.
*4 robe color spot 1200's on a circular metal truss just above the hot seat to heighten the drama when the stakes get higher by these very bright pools of light converging over computerji in a burn-out.
*10 robe scan 1200 xt's under the first row audience, thru the floor behind the contestants which created the best break link we've had on kbc. my fav!
*6 sgm victory 250's behind the host's entry position - a desperate attempt to "do something different" from the rotating beam of light behind ab's ass!
*160 color kinetic led batons on the pillars, floor strips and transluscent outer circle under the contestants providing us endless colour combinations.
*16 par cans in a semi-circular ring as audience back light with combinations of lee 180 dark lavendar, 079 just blue, 115 peacock blue and 021 golden amber colour gels.
2 haze machines to smoke up the place to enhance the shows trademark moving beams of light. and all this dmx-controlled by the jands vista lighting console.

conventional lights: or duffah lights ;)
*4 5k canara fresnels with lee colour correcting 202 half blue gel provided the face lights to both, host and hot seat contestant. the fill-lights softened with butter paper. the key light served as back light for the other.
*10 1k canara fresnels with lee 202 for the 10 contestants while they sat playing fastest-finger-first.
*6 2k canara multi-20's with cc blue glass filter for the audience face lights.
*6 1k canara fresnels with lee 202 and 153 pale salmon to break the evenness of the multi-20s.
*2 1k canara fresnels with lee 202 for the companion of the hot seat contestant.
all these duffahs were patched into a dmx-controllable dimmer packs so that they too could be triggered off by the lighting console.
we worked at 60footcandles for face lights all over. while the moving lights ranged between 160 to 320fc, giving us a good balance to shoot at an aperture of 2.8

there were a total of 7 sony dxc-d35 cameras with fujinon 12x lenses, shooting at 5600K to give us an enhanced blue palette of the moving lights.
cam 1 on contestant at hot seat + contestant intros.
cam 2 on frontal host/contestant 2-shot.
cam 3 on host cu
cam 4 on contestant/host os + contestant intros.
cam 5 on companion + audience reactions
cam 6 on jimmy jib (18ft length) with 4.5 wide angle lens making the set look huger than it really is.
cam 7 on half-round trolley behind the audience.

...hmmm have i left out anything?? so there! now you know!!


Mukul said...

book book.. we want manual on multicam shooting..

Anonymous said...

my my, what big cams you have

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is this 'everything'?

ajay noronha said...

you missing something? ask ask!!

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is srk's chest chikna?

ajay noronha said...

o totally!

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does he wax? shave? laser? blessed?

Anonymous said...

i want to kno about the lights of kbc 2 and who provided the equipment???and who designed the ser???