Tuesday, May 15, 2007

got up! stood up!

...set out early last evening to jehangir (sana in tow) for the demo in support of chandramohan.that was after dumping almost 6hours of footage non-stop!! more about that later.

lots of people landed up...a lot more than the usual suspects! much to cheer about esp chandramohan getting bail.

but as i looked around, i kept thinking about how demonstrations have changed...hurriedly painted posters n banners are passe...digitally printed vinyl!! we've certainly come a long way ;) but the most exciting was this mini fm transmitter someone set up, so we had people holding up these lil transistors or tuning their cellphone radios to 96fm to listen to the speeches etc!!

yes, we were reminded that this is not just about chandramohan, n so we must keep the fight on...but really, i wished more people landed up, i wished it din't have to be just jehangir...wished they didn't sing "hum hongey kaamayaab" to ruin a perfectly good evening of protest.

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zigzackly said...

Pity I couldn't make it. Would have been nice to see you after all these years.