Tuesday, May 01, 2007

saturn struck!

ever since i got this telescope, i've been dying to see saturn. my first night in goa, at a friend's (mike) newly constructed house, we set it up n soaked in the glorious half moon. Mike's niece wasn't impressed n kept perstering me to find saturn once i told her that saturn is also somewhere up there. tried several times to locate but failed, gave up n went down to dinner...

...post-dinner, i decided to give it one last try n within minutes sighted this most beautiful ringed object...my heart leapt with joy as i screamed out, 'i found it'! up ran everyone - aunts, cousins, uncle...simran danced around i saw saturn i saw saturn she cell-phoned immediately her less fortunate cousins in bombay n her dad.

i stayed up n kept looking...couldn't get over the sight...i am finally seeing saturn. this pic looks close to what we saw that night. just that the rings weren't along the horizontal, but vertical! what a trip!!...o i want that camera mount so i can take pics too...soon!

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