Wednesday, May 02, 2007

o these goenchos!

...excitedly i rode to margao to get digital prints of all they had shot the previous day n this morning only to run into the good ol goan siesta! aaargh!...1-3pm sorry no printing, our shop is open but...what if i need it urgent? 100rupees per print! whattt?? left the shop aghast...found photopaper n figured it'd be easier to print it on tino's psc.
i was tired n thought i'd show them chaplin's 'gold rush' post lunch...

the initial chaplin antics had them in splits, but midway they lost interest or got distracted by hubert's tattoo n white is boring no, said one. i pulled it out n we talked about cartoons n animation n i told them that my friend geetanjali had made a short film (printed rainbow)that i wanted them to see...rapt attention!...i think she's dreaming, said one...again black n white, complained she dead, asked one sadly towards the end...yaaay she's alive! o so soon it got over, can we see it again...i beamed broadly!

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