Friday, July 25, 2008

back to class!

so i finally heaved myself out of bed n out of the house yesterday...for my first class this year at scm. 3weeks late, i was anxious to catch up. 44 bright-eyed young uns lay in wait...mostly from bombay, mostly immediately after graduation...all having computer and digital camera which is a historic me thinking about new ways of learning and sharing work. need to figure an efficient way they can submit text, images, video n audio clips, me to be able to review n comment on them n everyone able to see each other's work. a blog? any ideas?
while on the trip to harvard, heard stories of how mark zuckerberg hacked into the college computers n accessed students' data n started the local social network which went on to become the biggest rage - facebook! imagine, they expelled him :) ...walking around in harvard you cannot help but be overwhelmed...the place feels very special...

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