Tuesday, July 29, 2008

navel gazing!

it's been some time now that i've been mulling a "belly-button" exhibit...a culmination of my unabashed obsession devotion passion for belly buttons. you can now be part of it...embellish it, keep it stark, it is yours...anonymously, if you so desire. email pics of your glorious centre to bellybutton69@gmail.com.
meanwhile, here's the first entry!


ajay noronha said...

what?!! no takers :(

Space Bar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Space Bar said...

Lint! um...linked, I mean.

Anonymous said...

Mr belly button bhakt ..

N what's prize the best belly button

will think accordingly;))

ajay noronha said...

spacebar: :)
anon: unlimited amounts of fame ;)

pfizz said...

Dream come true! :)

Ranjit said...

had no clue you were an omphaloskeptic