Sunday, July 20, 2008


my first trip to the capital. we stayed at the liaison hotel 2blocks away from capitol hill!!...a far cry from the quiet woods of pleasant lake in otisfield, maine. but like most capital cities - gentrified and antiseptic. the same ol story plays out- blacks n hispanics as cleaners, drivers, waiters and america's growing poor out on the streets. my aunt cautions me n i'm happy to be back without losing anything this time round ;)
a brilliant full moon greeted us into dc that night
the jefferson memorial peeks over all the govt buildings n other landmarks...remember seeing something similar in buenos aires the seeds at the us state dept waiting to be interviewed by the media n meet with deputy secy negroponte
the national museum of modern art, where we breezed thru some matisse, picasso, giacometti, warhol, mondrain, miro, etc 'twas hot...very hot, close to 40! so was most happy to slip out into the night to meet george n sush one night in georgetown, then with a friend's friend in his beamer(beemer?) to dupont circle n on the last night with abi n hussain...after being moslty clean for over 3weeks, the beer sure tasted bloody good!

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