Tuesday, July 01, 2008

day at camp

in case you've ben wondering the hell i been doing here...i wake up around 7am and join "line-up" at 7.30m, which simply means ALL at camp gather at one place before breakfast. so we're about 160 kids, 18 counsellors, facilitators n us delegation leaders. the kids have their own program n we have ours. we "dialogue" from 9 to 12.30 ...in small groups or all of us together, discussing the nature of conflict betw respective countries - india pakistan, israel palestine, etc. can be quite explosive sometimes.
afternoons, usually are free...we sleep, play volleyball, swim, or go out to portland or freeport. dinner is at 5.30 which is the hardest part:(
evenings, there's usually some activity, like last evening we the DL's did a treasure hunt for the kids n had a song n dance by the bonfire. the weather here is totally fickle! you can wake up to a nice bright sunny warm day n then an hour later the fog rolls in n it begins to rain making it all cold n wet.


Roma said...

I'd love to hear what the current young generation thinks of the main conflicts going on in today's world. And do they think they can change things? The stuff that you guys talk about, is it going to be published anywhere, as findings? Or in a newspaper?

ajay noronha said...

hey ro! ya i'll tell u all i know n can. i know that it's been in th elocal newspapers here. dunno abt it being published as findings.. but i'll keep u posted.